Petal E. Millwood

The Immigration Law Office of Petal Millwood handles all immigration and naturalization services. We provide effective representation for immigration clients who are facing deportation.

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Immigration laws.

Immigration laws are challenging, puzzling and complex that often go beyond the lay comprehension. Even though you may be able to do your own research, this is minimal and usually not adequate and comprehensive enough to get a successful outcome on your case.

Immigration laws are often changing and immigration judges are highly thorough. As a result, you need efficient representation in your deportation cases. Do not face an immigration judge on your own.


Legal Services

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    I used the Immigration Law Office of Petal Millwood, when my husband filed for me. Miss Millwood was very efficient. I could call her at night or day, weekends. She filed all my paperwork in a timely manner, and helped me get everything done. I would definitely recommend her. She is a good lawyer
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    Miss Millwood helped me replace my Green Card. I was very impressed. She was always reachable. Her office is very efficient. She knows immigration law, inside and out. I highly recommend her.
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    I live in Washington State and this law office was able to help me all the way from New York. I was so impressed with the work they did. Just know that they want you to trust them, and be honest about everything.